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Connect smartphones securely to IoT devices and internet of everything (IoE)
Software Engineering Cryptography IoT/IoE Solutions Apps IoT Devices + Software Cloud Easy to use high secure login process. No more passwords to remember. No more simple or complicated passwords. No more stolen passwords. No more reused passwords for different accounts. Easy access to online shops, online banking, portals and any other web applications, even for IoT and headless devices. Your smartphone is your access token. QRLogin Solve low entropy and same state problem and increase security on your IoT and headless devices by seeding CSPRNG with high entropy. HighEntropy Enforce monotonic forward running clock even at restart if no realtime clock exists and eliminate same state and clock problem on your IoT and headless device. TimeUpholder iOS App Development Android App Development Lower costs, faster development, higher quality Reuse Libraries for iOS and Android App Development Secure HTTPS (SSL/TLS, PFS) on unsecure/unupdated/outdated Android smartphones Secure Android Communication Small footprint for use in IoT devices and smartphones Websockets / REST / Ajax / NaCl / SSL/TLS / Private CA/PKI contact at marwin dot ch Contact WLAN / Bluetooth / GPIO / SPI / I2C / CAN-Bus / UART embedded Linux / Linux / iOS / Android / Cross-Compilation